We installed a new heater at our house and love it!

I inherited a cabin in the woods, from a relative I never knew existed. That led to a series of interesting conversations with my dad, who had an estranged family he had never told me about. Since then I have met a few of these distant relatives, and learned the bad blood between them and my dad did not spill over onto me. My genetic grandmother passed away, and as she was a woman of wealth she had several homes. She bequeathed the old cabin to me, one with electricity and plumbing but without an air conditioner. This place is so old it doesn’t even have ductwork! The only heater for the place is the wrought iron stove in between the kitchen and the main room. This stove is a wood burning furnace, that can heat the entire place, and has a flat top for cooking food as well. That is it in terms of heating for this cabin, and in terms of cooling – there is none! It won’t be a problem to buy a small AC unit and mount it in one of the windows, but that is honestly the only option I have. My other option is to simply not worry about cooling at all, and just use the place during the colder months. As long as I can chop wood I can provide heating for the cabin for several months at virtually no cost. There is also something called a water boiler in the basement, which also requires wood, but that is a whole other can of worms. 

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