The HVAC worker spoke to my son

I had to rush home after work since I had a late evening appointment.

Since we had the storm the previous week, my new home has been a heater.

The storm knocked out power and also broke my HVAC system, but it took so long to get an HVAC worker to come and fix the issue, then all the companies I called said they were booked solid for the week, eventually, a neighbor helped me out by speaking to her husband and he agreed to come to my home after hours. That day, I had been looking forward to not sleeping in such a hot house. Even my son kept telling me how much he wanted the HVAC system fixed. I had picked him from school and we made the choice to go back to the shop for a few hours, normally, we stayed late to tend to some last hour customers, however that day I closed at 6 on the dot. I knew there’d be traffic on the road which is why I didn’t want to stay even a minute longer. We managed to wait for the traffic and even the HVAC worker called to say he was running late. When we arrived home, about 10 minutes later we saw a truck pull up and the HVAC worker came to the door, and my son and I let him in and I was delighted he was with my friend. We went to speak in the living room and left him to do his job. My son was interested in reading more about the HVAC unit and he spoke with him as he fixed the faulty unit.

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