The dirty air ducts were affecting the air quality in the lake house

I own a lake house.

  • Those are words I never thought I’d say in my life.

But, here I was a proud owner of the loveliest 2 bedroom lake house. I came to this area by chance on a solo hiking trip through a forest. The area wasn’t too bad and there weren’t many wild animals around. This is why I had chosen to hike alone and not in a group. As I was walking around, I came to this tourist office and struck a conversation with the forest guard. She is the one who pointed me in the direction of the lake house which was on sale at a good price. I knew the area and this would make an amazing holiday let so I bought it and began some minor upgrades. I wanted to test the cooling system in the lake house to see if it was working okay. But, given the remote location, it was 3 days before an AC worker would come and inspect the cooling system. I chose to stay at a cottage near the area as I awaited the inspection. Finally the call came that the AC worker was on her way to check out the cooling system. She arrived an hour later and went straight to work. The AC worker was impressed with the cooling system which needed minor repairs and servicing. Her main concern was with the dirty air ducts. Leaving them as it would affect the air quality in the lake house, so the best thing to do was get them cleaned. True to her word, I did feel the air get dusty when the cooling unit was running so I hired her to clean the duct work.

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