We feel like doing something fun tonight

We slept well last night and have lots of energy this week so we’re feeling like doing something fun tonight however, we aren’t sure what.

We could jump on one of those dating apps and try to meet some guys, however it feels so artificial and forced that we just can’t bring ourselves to doing so.

We plan to just stay local tonight and see what is going on in the downtown section near our houses. We’ve been laboring on the temperature control system in our dads’ condos this week, trying to disinfect them so they’re ready for another sizzling summer. We finished this week so we would love to treat ourselves to a fun night out. We still have several weeks of work to do on these condos however, we would love to have a fun weekend as we’ve worked so hard this past week on the houses. We know the a/cs are blowing colder now and it feels much more comfortable in our rooms at night, so we’re pretty pleased about that. We have been in the HVAC field for quite some time and enjoy laboring on the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C system when we have the time. We also have to do some work on the vinyl siding next week while repairing multiple plumbing concerns in the house. We aren’t too excited about the plumbing stuff though because it involves laboring on toilets, which is not our cup of tea. Maybe we can call the local supplier to do the toilet work for us.


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