Getting out of the air conditioner a bit is good for me

I’ve decided that I need to change my approach to living.

This was never more obvious when I tipped the scales at nearly 250 pounds just last year.

And I’m a person of average height so that’s a lot of weight. All those years of being sedentary at work in the zone controlled Heating plus A/C of the office and then at apartment in my own Heating plus A/C took its toll. You just can’t rest that much and not risk affecting your health. When I weighed in at the doctor’s office so heavy, my physician just looked at myself and others as though what was it going to take. Did I want to drop dead in the zone controlled Heating plus A/C at my desk at work. Yet, it all seemed so overwhelming. And losing 70 pounds is a certainly daunting challenge indeed. But it’s not impossible. I started with getting out of that zone controlled Heating plus A/C of the office at dinner. I’ve always sort of eaten at my desk here and there. So I kept that grazing approach and just switched in all sorts of healthy food. Lunch time was for myself and others to get out of the air conditioner and get in a good walk. Once I came home, it wasn’t straight to the recliner for air conditioner and too much food. I ate an early, healthy dinner and then got out of the Heating plus A/C once again for another walk. Before long, I had lost enough weight to up the exercise game. I took luck of swimming, bike rides and even a session or more than one inside the quality heating and air of the gym. I’m down almost 40 pounds so more than half way there!
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