Getting out of the air conditioning a bit is good for me

Before long, I had lost enough weight to up the exercise game

I’ve decided that I need to change my approach to living. This was never more apparent when I tipped the scales at nearly 250 pounds just last year. And I’m a man of average height so that’s a lot of weight. All those years of being sedentary at work in the zone controlled HVAC of the office and then at home in my own HVAC took its toll. You just can’t sit that much and not risk affecting your health. When I weighed in at the doctor’s office so heavy, my physician just looked at me as though what was it going to take. Did I want to drop dead in the zone controlled HVAC at my desk at work. Yet, it all seemed so overwhelming. And losing 70 pounds is a really daunting challenge indeed. But it’s not impossible. I started with getting out of that zone controlled HVAC of the office at lunch. I’ve always sort of eaten at my desk here and there. So I kept that grazing approach and just switched in all sorts of healthy food. Lunch time was for me to get out of the air conditioning and get in a good walk. Once I came home, it wasn’t straight to the recliner for air conditioning and too much food. I ate an early, healthy dinner and then got out of the HVAC once again for another walk. Before long, I had lost enough weight to up the exercise game. I took advantage of swimming, bike rides and even a session or two inside the quality heating and air of the gym. I’m down almost 40 pounds so more than half way there!

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Freedom from my desk and great HVAC as well

Honestly, I never like working in the office.

I’ve only had the one job since I was out of college.

In fact, I interned inside the zone controlled HVAC of that office for two summer while I was in college. But I guess I was never in the right zone as I didn’t get much input on the thermostat setting. It was fine in the summertime I guess, the HVAC cooling was good enough that I could put a little fan on my desk and feel great. But the winter was another story. The HVAC heating just didn’t cover my section of the office as well apparently. I had to wear all sorts of layers as well as put a space heater under my desk. So when we all got sent home during the pandemic, I was ecstatic. Besides the quality heating and air, I just didn’t like the feeling in that office. There was just so much unnecessary drama from people who must just live on turmoil. Why they couldn’t just shut up and get to work, I just don’t know. Once I got the hang of working in my own air conditioning at home, I was loving it. I could schedule my day around my meetings and still get my work done. Not only was I happy, my bosses were really pleased as well. I have been able to really raise my job performance without all the drama, interruptions and tension of the office. Plus, I got to be inside the best air conditioning because it was my thermostat and I was in charge of the setting finally.



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Comparing a big versus a small dehumidifier for a family sized home

It’s nice having a big family, but it’s also daunting.

My children are my pride and joy, but it’s frightening when I realize that so several people rely on me for total and complete support, both physically and financially.

I’m so fortunate to have the wifey that I do with the support she gives me emotionally and spiritually. She had the choice to pursue a work, but she was thrilled being a stay at beach house mother as long as I assured her that I could handle the financial burden of supporting us all on my income only. However, she helps me make lists for the store while finding ways to always stretch what little money all of us have at our disposal. I’m thrilled getting the grocery stores on my way beach house from work when my wifey makes the list for me ahead of time. Unfortunately, it gets hard budgeting for high-priced needs, certainally when they’re unexpected. I hoped that our old dehumidifier would last for years to come, but it unfortunately no longer pulls water from our air while it runs. I asked an Heating, Ventilation, and A/C professional about replacing the evaporator coil inside, even though he said it would be cheaper to buy a modern dehumidifier altogether. I looked at a smaller dehumidifier this time around to save money, however I realized that a big beach house for a big family also requires a big dehumidifier. The smaller dehumidifier just wouldn’t be big enough to make a big enough difference on our indoor humidity level. That’s why all of us have to spend extra money on a better and larger dehumidifier.


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I had some troubles mounting my window air conditioner the other afternoon

There wasn’t an occasion in this situation, and thankfully my dad managed to get the window cooling system mounted in a matter of 30 seconds after he arrived at my house

I have never been fantastic with tools or with my hands. My father is a tradesman however I am a bumbling idiot when I try to learn some of his skills. But once I reached the age where I had been living on my own for almost a decade, I realized that I wouldn’t have my dad around forever to help me with random jobs around the house. He’s nearby now and it’s straight-forward to take advantage of that nearness, but what if he passed away separate from any warning? I started watching my dad more frequently to see if there was anything I could learn from him to become a little more self-sufficient. I ended up installing a refrigerator in my beach house the other afternoon separate from asking for his help. It was such a success that it emboldened me to pursue even more self-sufficiency with other tasks around the house. However, I should have simply asked my dad for help when I decided I needed to replace the window air conditioner in my lanai. It wasn’t too tough to unmount the old window air conditioner, however I struggled trying to install the modern window air conditioner. I didn’t want to fall back on this, however I ended up calling my dad over for help in the end. There wasn’t an occasion in this situation, and thankfully my dad managed to get the window cooling system mounted in a matter of 30 seconds after he arrived at my house. He showed me the trick to getting the machine to stay secured in the window. When he was finally done with the upgrade work, I was relieved when the machine powered on and immediately started producing frosty air.


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