Today is a Good Day to Clean Out the Fireplace for Another Party

I am going to show her how to unlink & clean the filter & then maybe update it with a washable HEPA filter so it is easier for her to clean & update without needing to go out & buy a current one each time

All of us had a celebration Last weekwith our friends outside in front of the fireplace & it was the most fun I’ve had in years. I want to do another one next week so I need to clean out the fireplace & get it ready for round two. There are tons of ashes in it & I need to clean out the flue because the two of us burned a lot of pine wood & the sap can clog it up. I feel a gas fireplace would be a lot easier however that would cost a lot of currency & I don’t have any extra right now. I am going to clean the fireplace & then the two of us need to paint the soffits here at our cousin’s house. I have a tied up afternoon here however at least I don’t have to drive around neighborhood today as it is Wednesday & the traffic is usually absolutely poor on nice sunny days love this. I may also check the oil furnace filter in the current home because our cousin said she didn’t even feel there was one in there & said that the heat isn’t toiling unquestionably well in the current home while I was in the winter. I bet it is totally obstructed up & the airflow is being restricted because of it. I am going to show her how to unlink & clean the filter & then maybe update it with a washable HEPA filter so it is easier for her to clean & update without needing to go out & buy a current one each time. It’s wonderful for the world too.

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Zone Controlled Heating as well as A/C for my Small Office

My cousin doesn’t want high power bills in the summer time here so I had his install a zone controlled Heating as well as A/C system as well as it has saved his a lot of cash already.

I am here alone this month laboring in the nice cool office while the rest of the home is very warm.

The Heating as well as A/C system only turns on for about 3 or four hours to cool down the office I am laboring in. It would easily have to run for about twenty hours to cool down the whole home so every one of us are saving quite a bit of cash with the zoned AC. I am ecstatic that he had it installed because it will save his a lot of cash in the summers as well as winters when the weather is severe. All of us get a lot of very hot days as well as also some snow during the Winter with the rapidly decreasing temperatures dropping down into the 20s for numerous days on end, so having a zone controlled system helps a lot with the power bills. There are a lot of days when there is only one guy in the home as well as why cool or heat the whole location when only one room is being occupied? I am ecstatic they invented the zone cooling as well as heating because it not only saves you cash however it also is fine for the environment. The Heating as well as A/C technology out this month would amaze even the most innovative inventors from long ago. We’ve come a long way with particular technologies as well as it has made the world better in numerous ways. At least every one of us are trying.

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Removing the Wall Heating as well as A/C Unit as well as Filling in the Hole

This is my task for this month around the home here.

I am going to remove this old wall AC equipment as well as fill in the block wall with cinder blocks as well as texture then paint the wall on both sides.

I am also painting the outside of the home for some extra cash so I have my hands quite full of work for the next 2 weeks. I am going to do an Heating as well as A/C tune-up when I am done painting the home because it really needs it as well as I’ll make a few bucks there too. I am trying to acquire cash while I am here on vacation for the next 2 weeks so that I don’t touch my savings as well as for something to do while I am here. I care about doing Heating as well as A/C service on equipment because I am fine at it as well as it pays quite well. I can do both painting as well as Heating as well as A/C repairs so why not acquire some cash as well as stay a little longer to visit my family as well as friends while I am here in America. I’ll go back overseas to Europe for about five weeks as well as then return back here for the Winter holidays for another 2 weeks. That is my plan, four weeks overseas as well as 2 weeks here doing painting as well as Heating as well as A/C system repairs for a week. It’s not a excruciating life is it? I was an Heating as well as A/C as well as painting contractor for numerous years as well as both services are needed quite often so I am never going long without some kind of work in either field. I thank my Mom for teaching me the trades.


Easy Day Around the House This week

Yesterday I drove through a lot of traffic with my friend to go watch my buddy’s kid play in a pro beach volleyball tourney. He made it to the quarter finals as well as lost 28-25 against some monsters who easily won the whole tournament. They hit the ball so taxing my ears are still echoing the sound of it hitting the sand, spine-chilling. It was really hot as well as I would have faded after one game however these teenagers played all day in that heat. All of us drove house in air conditioned luxury as well as this month I am going to stay house as well as relax as well as do a little painting on the outside of the house. I am going to finish the painting in another several days then transport on to my stepmom’s home for another paint task. I am also going to work for my friend’s Heating as well as A/C supplier helping him with repairs as well as installs. I am staying in the states for a while as well as need to acquire cash for living expenses as well as airplane tickets back overseas when I decide to go home. My house over there is empty as well as I have the smart control equipment keeping it cool enough where it doesn’t wreck things inside from too much heat. I left my flat empty overseas to avoid any problems with renters while I am here as I am staying for free here at my cousin’s house. I am having my friend wash the HEPA filter in both my Heating as well as A/C system as well as vacuum cleaner while I am away so that they don’t clog up with a lot of dust.

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